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Asphalt Services

With over 60 year experiencing in all aspects of asphalting,
we have every Asphalt Service you could need in Hobart & around Tasmania


Asphalting services like new asphalt road construction, strengthening, regulating, profile & resurface are our specialty.


Our unique hot crack sealing service prevents further damage to existing cracked asphalt or concrete surfaces.


New asphalt or asphalt resurfacing of car parks for businesses, shopping centres, clubs & more.


We repair & maintain asphalt surfaces for longer life. Includes pot hole repairs, water damage & pavement damage.


Custom designed asphalt driveways that save dirt and dust problems with a quality finish & excellent drainage.


Tennis & Basket Ball Court asphalting to meet court regulations. Also Pump tracks, parks and more.



KP Asphalting has a fleet of new machinery for your asphalting project to service jobs in a 100km radius of Hobart plus anywhere in Tasmania on arrangement. Our asphalt pavers, 4 wheel steer Bobcat A770s, Excavators, Rollers and trucks are all in excellent condition to achieve the best possible surface finish.
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Asphalt and concrete crack sealing

Local Tasmanian government civil contractors & private companies are becoming aware that crack sealing puts years of life back into concrete and asphalt car parks, highway roads and sports courts, saving thousands of dollars for other uses. Sealing concrete and asphalt cracks with Crack Seal stops water from getting in and further damaging your road surfaces.


Cost Effective

Some cracks are inevitable on older concrete & asphalt surfaces, so it’s important to take care of the problem as soon as possible. A complete overhaul of the roadway could be very expensive, so that’s where the crack sealing comes into play. It is a cost effective, long term solution and gives longevity to asphalt and concrete works.

Get in touch today for an asphalt or concrete Crack Sealing quote for jobs within a 100km radius of Hobart Tasmania

bitumen and concrete road crack sealing gold coast

Bitumen and concrete road crack sealing Hobart

Asphalt road construction

KP  Asphalting cater for new road infrastructure projects including strengthening, regulating & overlay works, profile & resurface. We have some of the best and most reliable equipment in the business to handle all your needs. Our late model equipment range includes Carlson CP130 Asphalt Pavers, All-wheel steer A770 Bobcat skid steers, Excavators, Rollers and Trucks.

Highway Road Resurfacing Asphalt Hobart Tasmania
Highway Road Resurfacing Asphalt Hobart Tasmania

Civil, Council, Commercial & Residential

We provide local corporations, councils, businesses and private residential dwellings with new road construction and road surface repair and maintenance. Our services include removal and replacement with asphalt surfacing and deep asphalt patching.

Talk to one of our experienced Tassie team today for expert advice. Remember the old saying: “No job is too big or too small”.

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Asphalting services, repairs & maintenance

Asphalt (sometimes also referred to as Tarmac and bitumen) repairs & maintenance services cater for pot hole repairs, water damage and pavement deterioration. Let us take the stress of maintaining your asphalt off your hands with regular inspections and advice.


Asphalt Inspections

We can offer an onsite inspection and provide reports on your car park, driveway, roads, bridges, airfields and airports, foot paths, bike lanes, sport surfaces and industrial surfaces. We also provide a maintenance schedule that will ensure the longevity of your asphalt and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

airport runway surfacing and resurfacing asphalting services hobart tasmania
airport runway surfacing and resurfacing hobart tasmania

Quality Australian Products

K P Asphalting use quality Australian made asphalt rejuvenation, resurfacing and crack sealing products designed to provide protective coatings to your asphalt surfaces. We offer Non hazardous (OHS risks), free from dangerous fumes, free from carcinogens and environmentally friendly maintenance and repair solutions.

Why not give K P Asphalting the opportunity to quote you on your asphalt needs or contact us for any advice in preparation for asphalting.

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Asphalt court surfacing & custom tracks

Our experience with Tennis & Basket Ball Court asphalting services ensures you get a court that meets Australian game regulation specs, so that the court is ready for you to play as soon as we are done.


Personal touch

We understand that every Tennis Court is unique and we will design and engineer the best asphalt for your unique needs. Our asphalting business is built on honesty, reliability, friendship and professionalism, so you know our team will look after your needs.


Durable & Comfortable court surface

Asphalt makes for the best base material of any other hard court material on the market. It will last much longer than traditional tennis court concrete methods. Asphalt can be made softer than concrete and does not have the same long term impact effects on the body that one would associate with concrete methods.


Pump Tracks and Cycle Tracks

We also created the asphalt bicycle pump track at Maydena Bike Park. That experience opened up a whole new world of capabilities for us. We can create a pump track for your park, club or property, plus many other bicycle related tracks. Contact us for more details.

Maydena Bike Park Pump Track Asphalting Hobart Tasmania asphalting services
Maydena Bike Park Pump Track Asphalting Hobart Tasmania 4

So why not enjoy that game of tennis again or create a bike track master piece! Chat to K P Asphalting today to get your Hobart or Tasmania located tennis court installed, updated or maintained for a great all year round game of tennis.

Get in touch today for an asphalt tennis or basketball court quote for jobs within a 100km radius of Hobart & all around Tasmania

Asphalt home driveways & more

Our Asphalt driveway services are perfect for your home or private property. Asphalt driveways are more affordable than concrete and easy to maintain. Custom designed asphalt driveways are visually appealing with a quality finish and excellent drainage that makes for a great first impression when people arrive at your home or property.

New Property asphalt driveway Hobart Tasmania
New Property asphalt driveway Hobart Tasmania

If you already have an asphalt driveway or other asphalt space and it needs some attention, then chat to K P Asphalting today. We offer all types of asphalt repair services to all types of Hobart & Tasmanian residential properties. Ensure your asphalt remains in excellent condition through regular repair and maintenance services.

Chat to our passionate and friendly staff today for your obligation free quotation.

Get in touch today for an asphalt driveway quote for jobs within a 100km radius of Hobart & All around Tasmania

Our secret weapon!

Carlson CP-130

Our Carlson CP-130 sets us apart from other asphalting contractors. It enables us to lay 2.4m to 4.5m wide asphalt road surfaces in a simple, smooth and quick operation, getting your asphalt surface completed to the best possible finish in a fraction of the time. Asphalting services you can rely on.


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At KP Asphalting Pty Ltd we pride ourselves in the high standard of asphalting services we provide to our Hobart and Tasmania area clients. Our friendly, honest and reliable asphalting team always put our clients first, ensuring the job is completed in the most effective and timely manner to a standard that we are proud of and we are sure you will be suitably impressed.

As well as one off residential jobs for home owners, we also work closely with regular contracts for industry professionals who require the extra level of quality, service and reliability. Try our work once and we’re sure you will be back for more.

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